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ClickCambridge Programme

The ClickCambridge 2024 Programme will guide you through your penultimate year of education. Sessions are timed to fit with your preparation for university applications and your year's workload.


Introduction to ClickCambridge and Supercurriculars

Our first session gives an overview of the ClickCambridge 2024 programme, and introduces supercurricular research. Students will gain understanding of how to find and use supercurriculars, and the part they play in university applications.


Going to University Q&A

A Q&A with current Cambridge students. This session will cover the topics students worry most about when they start thinking about going to university - managing the stress of applications, balancing academic workloads, whether Cambridge students actually have social lives, student finance, and welfare support.


University Application Overview

An overview of the university application process, focusing on the initial stages. The session will advise students on how to choose courses and universities.


Thinking like a University Student

To prepare students for the higher level of engagement needed in Y13 and at university, this session will introduce them to more advanced thinking and problem solving skills.


Careers and Life after Graduation

To empower students in making their course choices, this session will cover the realities of the modern job market, with a focus on the transferrable skills that can be gained from a variety of courses.


Personal Statement Workshop

An introduction to writing a UCAS Personal Statement. This session will help students feel confident in planning and writing their Personal Statements.

Additional resources

Subject Taster sessions

BPA researchers from the University of Cambridge have recorded mini subject taster lectures on a variety of subjects.

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