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Supercurricular Resource Bank

Start exploring your subject with some supercurricular activities!

A list of recommendations from the University of Cambridge. Contains suggestions for each of the subjects offered at Cambridge – though do remember this resource is not a reading list! 


A website from the University of Cambridge to help you find supercurricular activities. Contains discussion and suggestions for a range of different subjects.

Resource hub & reading bank from University College Oxford. Find resources for various subjects, including book reviews/recommendations from current Oxford students.

A site from the University of Oxford full of 'big questions' to get you thinking!

A list of online resources from the University of Oxford, both from the University and beyond, covering a range of subjects.

A range of free lectures on both arts and science topics, delivered both online and in person.

Very Short Introductions

Very short books written by experts, providing some excellent introductions to a huge range of topics. Sadly these aren’t available for free online - but ask your school librarian and they should be able to help you out!

They do have a free podcast which is available here.

For STEM students - various articles, reports and videos.

Free Online Courses

Have a look at a huge range of online courses (there are many free courses – don’t worry about paying for ‘extra benefits’ or the certificate, the free course content is the bit that matters!).You could start by looking at:

Reading isn’t the only way to do supercurriculars! Here’s a list of audio activities from Hertford College Oxford.

Christ's College Cambridge have a webpage for each of the courses we offer here at Cambridge, find out more about degree courses and (at the bottom of each page) get some inspiration for supercurricular activities!

A tool from Downing College, Cambridge where you can search for the subject you want to explore, and get a range of activities to look at.

A student-made hub of resource banks for a variety of subjects and courses.

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