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Get to Know Us

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Libby Beckett

Clare College

Libby is from Lincoln and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge. As part of her degree, she taught English in a Berlin primary school for a year and studied papers in history and medieval literature. In her spare time, Libby enjoys playing guitar, baking, and very wobbly roller skating.

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Natalie Thompson

Magdalene College

Natalie is from Cumbria and studied History at Cambridge. She spent her undergraduate degree studying the Spanish Civil War and the making of modern Zimbabwe. When she isn't visiting schools in Liverpool and North Wales, Natalie enjoys running and going to concerts.

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Charlotte Armstrong

Queens' College

Charlotte is from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and studied Human, Social, and Politics Sciences at Cambridge. She took papers in Foreign policy and Gender during her degree, and also set up a Politics and Debating Society in her second year. In her spare time she plays the cello, looks after her (52!) houseplants and experiments with cooking new recipes.


Cathy Wardle

Queens' College

Cathy studied Languages and Literary Studies at Manchester before completing a PhD in French literature at Cambridge. She lectured at Royal Holloway, before moving to Yorkshire and teaching in Bradford schools. She enjoys singing in a choir, playing percussion in an orchestra and walking her dog on the Yorkshire moors.


Ellie Wood

Christ's College

Ellie is from South Gloucestershire and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge. She did French with Spanish ab initio, spending her year abroad in Soria, Spain, and taking papers in Early Modern and Medieval Spanish literature. In her spare time, Ellie enjoys embroidery, stand-up comedy and going to concerts.


Isabel Grant


Isabel is from South East London and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge. As part of her degree, she took papers in Linguistics and History and worked in Berlin for a year. After graduating, she worked as a teacher, first teaching English abroad and then German and French in the UK. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking and running.


Jenny Frost

Robinson College

Jenny is from Hertfordshire and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge. During her degree, she took up Portuguese and Italian from scratch, and spent a year abroad studying in Siena, Italy. She also holds a master's degree in Migration Studies from UCL. In her spare time Jenny enjoys singing, playing the flute, and baking bread.

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Liza Zhabina

St Catharine's College


Maria Kazani

Sidney Sussex College

Maria is from Athens, Greece and studied Archaeology at Cambridge. Her degree centred around the ancient Egyptian languages and Egyptian heritage in the modern world. Maria mainly works with schools in the West Midlands and the North-West and in her free time enjoys reading and attempting to play tennis.

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